Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I wonder if you do the same thing to everyone or you just want me to suffer.
- Or u just ignore everyone.

~ Well i'll never know.

Whats not , isn't meant to be. So don't force.
- Back to reality, something that has a background full of evidence just that all of you don't want to believe.
-Basically telling yourself that your Teacher are not real. (i may be wrong. This is a comparison, which is damn awkward. Thats why i edited o Teachers instead.)
Admit it. U want this.

Why is everyone like that.

Am I annoying? No one tells the truth. Thats the truth.

Then explain why am i always ignored.


" Hey"

"Yeah ?"

" Watcha doin ?"


"ok. dun disturb :)"

..... Is Offline and nvr comes back online for 4 months.
~ #foreveralone