Monday, April 30, 2012

Street Stuff

Just some clouds that went by the window of the bus. It was on a long trip to Serangoon :/ .....

 Sir Stamford Raffles "Whats up? Just chillin .... "

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

If only uncle still had this haha. so fun to use and nice (Y).


OK. I dint take this but its a nice picture so thought.. Yeah Relevant and stuff blah blah blah....

Not Very good.....

This was one of the photos i took :/.
- Kinda Weird haha -

Cliff-Pics not the nicest :/

LOL. this was apparently at the edge of one of the most Beautiful ( the Background) parts of the climb. btw is was a cliff next the the hut 2/3 up the top :/ .

And thats me being weird ._.

Long Time haha ~

Long Time Since i posted anything so heres a picture of a flower bud i found on the way up Mount KK. haha My favorite photo far.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I wonder if you do the same thing to everyone or you just want me to suffer.
- Or u just ignore everyone.

~ Well i'll never know.

Whats not , isn't meant to be. So don't force.
- Back to reality, something that has a background full of evidence just that all of you don't want to believe.
-Basically telling yourself that your Teacher are not real. (i may be wrong. This is a comparison, which is damn awkward. Thats why i edited o Teachers instead.)